Mummy Papa Nahi Maanege

  • Will this give some tangible results or is this just another jargon/fad?
  • What investments will this need and how risky will it be?
  • I am already adopting customer centricity (CSAT/ NPS practices), what difference will this make?
  • I already have set practices and frameworks that have been habituated, how will DT add value and what will change?
  • Refer the list of failed experiments in the organization
  • Find a co-conspirator from business peers/ juniors
  • Find a customer problem either by observing/listening to the voice of the customer OR by referring to CSAT / NPS results
  • Find an employee related problem by observing OR by referring to ESAT results
  • Customer pain/ need stories — There is someone who is going through a problem and we can solve it, what are its benefits
  • Growth opportunity stories — There is potential white space that we have identified and a solution can carve the path of next growth trajectory
  • Industry FOMO stories — The industry ecosystem is moving up the value curve by consistent innovation. We need to also move fast else we will lose
  • Pioneering stories — We have always been a pioneer and we need to continue to innovate, if we have to sustain our status



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Practicing Design Thinking & Story telling ... helping organizations imbibe design ... True believer of "EVERY DESIGN HAS A STORY"